Ginger Snaps (2000) feat. Ariel Fisher

It’s a maple leaf takeover! Just in time for Canada Day, Joe stacks the pod with both a Canadian film and a Canadian guest, Ariel Fisher, for another gang-up on Trace. The trio venture into the wilds of Toronto suburbia for a discussion of lycanthropy, the “horrors” of menstruation and how Katharine Isabelle can help facilitate the coming out process.

Also up for grabs: Joe and Trace’s inability to do basic math, a discussion of feminine hygiene products, the struggles John Fawcett's production faced due to Columbine, and Trace’s true feelings about Canada.

Plus - naturally - a discussion of werewolf transformations that devolves into the usual bathroom humor that you’ve come to expect. At least Ariel is around to class up the joint!

Weekly Game: the trio pitch a quintessential (body) horror film that captures the experience of being in your 20s.

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