Fright Night (1985) feat. Peaches Christ

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of quintessential queer horror film Fright Night, the boys, along with special guest (and FN super fan) Peaches Christ, head to the suburbs along with our hunky live-in-carpenter, our collection of knit sweaters and an entire wall full of clocks.

Things get personal as Peaches shares her experience of working with Stephen Geoffreys, Joe confesses that the Tom Holland film is the genesis of his journey into queer horror and Trace discloses why Evil Ed's story arc made such an impact on him as a young gay teen. Expect a lot of conversation about how vital Ed's death scene is to the film's success and how rare it is in horror.

It's not all serious though! Trace finally acknowledges that costumes in movies exist; Joe delivers a pornographic ode to Chris Sarandon's sweaters; and Peaches shares gossip about Vincent Price "straight" from the mouth of none other than Elvira herself! Plus: the film's legacy as the other queer horror film of 1985, celebrating Amanda Bearse as a lesbian icon (with extended discussion on Married...with Children) and a conspiracy theory about how much Kevin Williamson must have loved this film.

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