Final Destination (2000) feat. Terry Mesnard

Our Summer of Franchises begins by knocking on Death's door with the 2000 pseudo-slasher Final Destination! Joined by Gayly Dreadful's Terry Mesnard, the boys look at the film that boasts a queer screenwriter (Jeffrey Reddick) and several gruesome Rube Goldberg-y deaths (and one surprise bus attack).

Join them as they debate the ridiculousness of the name "Clear Rivers," the fact that the FBI agents are the worst and why straight guys like to poop together (seriously, why is this movie so poop-obsessed?).

Is a queer screenwriter not queer enough for you? Never fear! Joe has you covered with his theory about Carter's repressed homosexuality. Plus, his secret dislike for Jaws comes out!

Weekly Game: the boys try to come up with their own convoluted deaths.

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