Fear No Evil (1981) feat. Movie Oubliette

Dress in your best antichrist drag because we’re talking about the absolutely wild (and frequently nonsensical) Fear No Evil (1981). Along for the ride are Dan and Conrad from Movie Oubliette, making this a truly international podcast experience across four countries and three continents. C/W: the dog dies.

Up for debate: is this film homophobic or is it a condemnation of the damaging effects of religion? Is it a Christmas or an Easter movie? Is director Frank LaLoggia using the film to work out some personal issues? And can we find something nice to say about Kathleen Rowe McAllen’s bee stung lips and atrocious acting?

Plus: bloody baptisms, satin Grease jackets, gun vaginas, death by dodgeball, animal cruelty, Gynecomastia and Dendrophilia, and many, MANY male asses, including one Trace deems so perfect, you could hold a tea party on it. 

Oh, and we end things with a quick round of Mooblie Awards

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