Fatal Frame (2014) feat. Jenny Nulf

The Horror Queers are playing their way into the world of video game adaptations with the 2014 film Fatal Frame. "What? They made a movie out of Fatal Frame????", you ask? They most certainly did! Unfortunately, it never saw a North American release. Lucky for us (and you), it's streaming for free on YouTube! Sure, it is more of an adaptation of the video game franchise's themes than its plot, but the Camera Obscura does make a cameo! Is this the best video game movie ever made? Depending on whether or not you see Pokémon: Detective Pikachu this weekend, maybe!

Joining the boys to discuss this atmospheric tale of Japanese lesbians, ghosts and cursed photograph (the "fatal frame," if you will) is Jenny Nulf, the Director of Programming for the Austin Asian American Film Festival! Her knowledge of Japanese culture and creepy ghost girls brings a necessary outside perspective to the episode.

Laugh along as Joe butchers every single name (seriously, he gets them wrong even after he's been corrected), takes a pot shot at Madonna(!) and does some sort of ga(y)mer impersonation (discussing video games isn't a good look for Joe). Plus, Trace commandeers the weekly game (invoking Joe's wrath), the group discusses the film's murky stance on lesbianism and also try to figure out why it has 17(ish) endings.

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