Interview: Eric Charmelo on Ringer & The Perfection

You didn't think we would let the co-creator/showrunner of The CW's Ringer (starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as twins!) and the co-writer of The Perfection (one of our absolute favorite films of last year) go without spilling the tea, did you?!

Eric was kind enough to chat with us a little longer about the behind the scenes drama that allowed Ringer to embrace its true campy potential ~5-6 episodes in, what the original architecture of the show was and what would have happened in seasons two AND three if it had of been renewed!

Then, when we switch over to The Perfection, Eric tells us where the film was originally set and why that first act was moved to China, how he, co-writer Nicole Synder and director Richard Shepard broke the film's complicated narrative, the pros and cons of going to Netflix and how they landed Steven Weber. Plus: a little more detail on his next project and why it simply *had* to be set in Paris!

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