Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) feat. Amelia Emberwing

Oh crap oh crap oh crap! The swan ate our baby and the most smartest tapper needs to go to state! That's right, we're discussing Michael Patrick Jann's seminal dark comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) with IGN's streaming editor Amelia Emberwing. Think we can do it? Amer-I-CAN!

Join us as we track the film’s journey from a script called Dairy Queens to a box office and commercial failure to a stone-cold cult classic beloved by (and offensive to) many. We’re laughing at eating disorders, mental disability and pedophilia. How did this get made?

Plus: non-stop praise for this outstanding cast, discussing the on-set tensions between the writer and the director, debating the effectiveness (or lack thereof?) of the third act, and an It Takes Two tangent? Ding! Fries are up!

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Colucci, Emily. Jesus Loves Winners: Satirizing The American Scam In “Drop Dead Gorgeous”. Filthy Dreams

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