Def By Temptation (1990) feat. Zena Dixon

Warm up Fistina and Palmette because we're heading to NYC circa 1990 to discuss the sinister succubus at the center of James Bond III's Troma classic Def By Temptation! Joining us for the conversation is DBT superfan (and Bloody Disgusting Podcast co-host) Zena Dixon!

Join us as we give a bit of a Troma primer (it's our first Troma film!) before jumping into the film's treatment of its queer character, as well as a discussion of the dreaded AIDS Mary urban legend. Oh, and all the praise for Kadeem Hardison's K.

Plus, debating Joel's effectiveness as a protagonist, Samuel L. Jackson(!), stockings vs. tights and the ultimate question: would you jump in them drawers?


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