Daughters Of Darkness (1971) feat. Ale Gonzalez

Joe and Trace catch a train to France to spend time in a deserted hotel and drink milky blue liquor, picking up special guest Ale Gonzalez en route. The threesome can't help but gush over Delphine Seyrig's iconic performance as the Countess while gently mocking Blond Cher...er...Valerie (so bland!) and emasculated sissy Stefan.

Ale shares her encyclopedic knowledge about lesbian vampire films, Joe attempts to clarify the end of the film and Trace triumphs in his recognition of Stefan's queer connection.

Plus: this week's game includes THE BEST stunt casting for the remake (that will never be made)!  

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Zimmerman, Bonnie. "Daughters of Darkness: Lesbian Vampires." Jump Cut, No. 24-25, March 1981


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