Cursed (2005) feat. Tim O'Leary

The Horror Queers eight-week camp marathon continues as Joe and Trace journey to Hollywood (barely escaping a car wreck on Mulholland Drive) to visit the hippest new night club since Planet Hollywood: Tinsel. That's right, they're discussing Wes Craven's Cursed! Joining them is Tim O'Leary, creator of the upcoming queer web series DEMONHUNTR! They will need all the help they can get to figure out just what this cobbled-together Frankenstein's monster of a film is trying to do.

In what seems to be an ongoing trend with these campy movies, the boys discuss the very troubled production for Cursed at length, and try to determine just what the fuck Bob Weinstein was thinking when he demanded the script be re-written when 90% of the film had already been shot.

No one, save for the always reliable Judy Greer, is having any fun in this movie. Kevin Williamson's script reads as if he was trying to one-up Scream 3's Hollywood satire (he fails). Poor Christina Ricci is handed some of the worst dialogue you'll ever hear ("Everybody's cursed, Jimmy. It's called life.").

But hey, it's not all bad! Topics for discussion include Milo Ventimiglia's homo-repressed bully Bo, a werewolf giving Christina Ricci the middle finger and the longest plot summary ever. Oh, and man butts and cock socks. 

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