Cruising (1980) feat. Andrew Scahill

Hold onto your hips and lips because for our 100th episode, we're going Cruising! Along for the *ahem* ride, is film professor Andrew Scahill, who guides us through an academic deep dive of the 1980 William Friedkin film, which has been one of our most requested titles since we started Horror Queers!

There's LOTS to talk about: the heavily protested production, the depiction of the gay community, the critique of the police, and the frank depiction of sex and community. Throw in the film's historical legacy and its reappraisal through a contemporary lens and there's plenty to sink our teeth into.

Plus: Pacino's look of gay panic, The Velvet Rage, and a Rebecca/Cruising porn parody! Don't blame us - you made us do this!

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