Cat People (1942) feat. Dr. Heather Petrocelli

Get ready for Big Cat action because we're tackling another Val Lewton film: 1942's Cat People. Joining us with incredible insights courtesy of her (forthcoming) book Queer For Fear is Dr. Heather Petrocelli.

We're talking about the power and legacy of subtextual queer horror, how Otherness intermingles with queerness, why you shouldn't hate Alice too much (but Oliver needs to die), and the infamous Lewton bus and pool scenes.

Plus: film noir lighting, the return of The Seventh Victim's predatory Dr. Judd, and comparisons to the 80s remake (Tits! Incest! Malcolm McDowell!)

Reference: Elizabeth Erwin. “Cat People (1942): Coding Lesbianism Via Otherness.” Horror Homeroom

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