Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 'Once More, With Feeling' (2001) feat. Josh Tonks

Give us something to sing about! In celebration of the 20th anniversary of one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's greatest episodes, we're revisiting the 2001 musical episode 'Once More, With Feeling' (S06E07) along with guest and musical theatre expert Joshua Tonks.

Buffy is an important text for women and queer viewers who see themselves represented in the Scooby gang’s Chosen family and Buffy’s strength. And while Joss Whedon is a POS (yes, we know!), we’re highlighting the work of everyone who stepped up IN SEASON SIX to make TV’s best musical episode.

Following a Buffy primer for the uninitiated, we go into a detailed production history about how this Very Special Episode got made. Then it’s a song by song break-down, complete with Karaoke renditions. 

Plus: how the writing fails Dawn, praise for Tony winner Hinton Battle, a fun new way to troll Trace, Josh’s walks us through musical subgenres and the importance of the show’s lesbian relationship (and unsubtle ode to cunninlingus).

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