Bones (2001) feat. Carolyn Mauricette

Prep your dogg jokes and don't go into the derelict old house because we're checking out Ernest R Dickerson's 2001 blaxploitation / slasher / Italian Gothic horror film Bones. Joining us is Carolyn Mauricette, Development Coordinator & Programmer of the Blood In The Snow film festival, who has a deep affection for both Pam Grier and Snoop Dogg.

This episode is, first and foremost, an apology for sleeping on the film, which is a ton of fun. We heap praise on Dickerson's direction, the film's litany of homages and its many visually stunning sequences. Bones has characters we actually care about, doesn't make a big deal about a mixed race relationship and invests a ton of screen time on Snoop & Grier's romance that other films would have cut out.

Plus: the agelessness of Grier and Bianca Lawson, undead decapitated heads, the film's questionable marketing, the lack of studio confidence in black horror and, finally, Carolyn's hilarious edible story.

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