Black Christmas (2006) feat. Alex Wiggins

Just in time for the 45th anniversary of Bob Clark's iconic 1974 original film and the release of its second remake, the Horror Queers are celebrating the holidays with some eye bolas masquerading as Christmas tree ornaments in Glen Morgan's 2006 remake of Black Christmas! Joining them for this festive event is Alex Wiggins, the Acquisitions Supervisor for World of Death, who shares his traumatic experience of a hate crime that intruded on his first viewing of the film.

Join them as they dive deep into the Weinstein shenanigans that plagued the film (not to mention those absolutely insane post-production shoots meant exclusively for the trailer), the jaundice-y and incest-y backstory of the film's male killer and the odd decision to have the film's female killer be played by a male actor.

Oh, and why can't Andrea Martin's Mrs. Mac find any presents underneath that goddamn tree?

This Week's Game: Which group of sorority girls are more equipped to survive a murderous psychopath? The ladies of Black Christmas? Or the accidental murderesses of 2009's Sorority Row?

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