Audition (1999)

Kiri Kiri Kiri! The boys are officially declaring August Femme Fatale Month, which means they'll be tackling a bunch of films with some killer ladies (aka Trace's favorite type of character)! First up is Asami Yamazaki in Takashi Miike's controversial 1999 film, Audition! That's right, it's another Japanese film, which means you can laugh along (or take a shot) every time Joe mispronounces a character's name!

Join Joe and Trace as they discuss the misogynistic (douchebag protagonist, objectification of women) and feminist (taking down the patriarchy, Asami as an avenging angel) elements of the film, BDSM, the secret queer relationship that no one talks about and the beautiful gore that fills the film's final act. Finally, they take the film's revelatory flashback to task for not making any sense whatsoever!

Oh, and Joe is somehow able to liken the film to Bring it On

Trigger Warning: The dog DOES die in this movie, but it's off-screen. You do see its corpse, though.

This Week's Game: If forced to part ways with a body part, which body part would it be.

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