A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

Just in time for its tenth anniversary, the boys head to Elm Street to revisit Platinum Dunes’ worst remake. This film is a disaster for several reasons: from its condensed production timeline to its unmemorable set pieces to its extremely miscast leading lady, Snoozey Mara (credit the Halloweenies podcast for that gem!).

What's extra frustrating is how likable the rest of the cast is! Jackie Earle Haley is trying his darnedest to bring something new to Freddy Krueger while poor Thomas Dekker (our queer connection) only gets to play angry and Katie Cassidy should have been the Final Girl. Then there's Kyle Gallner, who not only rocks a speedo, but is forced to carry the entire back half of the film by himself!

We dig into all of the dirt, including first time feature writer Eric Heisserer's candid complaints about changes to the screenplay, the three big set pieces that were shot, then excised and aren't included in the Blu special features and, finally, the film's extremely poor handling of its child molestation storyline, which is never given the attention or care that such a delicate topic demands.

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