American Psycho (2000) feat. Eric Charmelo

Grab your clear raincoat, your overnight bag and your reservation at Dorsia! The boys, along with special guest Eric Charmelo (co-creator/showrunner of The CW's Ringer and co-screenwriter of The Perfection) time travel back to the 80s to revisit Mary Harron's masterful satire of Wall Street capitalism and sociopathy just in time for its 20th anniversary.

The threesome collectively lose our memory recall (who is the star of this movie? What is the name of the film Bale and Mathis co-starred in later? What is Eric's social media handle?), but find plenty of praise for Bale, Witherspoon, the soundtrack and Harron's writing/direction. Also: debates about why certain characters survive, whether Bateman is homophobic (or just a control freak) and a book vs film comparison of the notorious threesome murder sequence.

Plus: Rabbit hole tangents about food porn, the benefits of charcoal, gunkata and why you shouldn’t use the word “asshole” during sex.

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