American Horror Story: Asylum (2012) feat. Emily VanDerWerff

Just in time for the last episode of the year before the holidays, the boys hit the time machine and travel back to Briarcliff Manor circa 1964 to party with the oppressed queers of American Horror Story: Asylum. Joining us for the fun is Vox's Emily VanDerWerff, who actually recapped the series back in 2012!

The second season of the FX anthology series is basically a Stefon skit: it has EVERYTHING! Aliens, Nazis, serial killers, lesbians, and even sexy, possessed nuns. Plus, in the three episodes we're watching, Anne Frank (episodes 4-5) and a killer Santa (episode 8).

We're digging into the Ryan Murphy-ness of it all with a debate about the quality of AHS, whether Murphy is a true queer ally, as well as how Emily came to love Sarah Paulson and why that terrible aversion therapy scene is so difficult to watch.

Also: is this show suggesting that Ian McShane's Leigh Emerson became a killer Santa because he was gang-raped by five men?!

In this week's game: add a new actor to Murphy's acting troupe.

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