Alien: Covenant (2017) feat. Drew Dietsch

It's time to hop aboard the Covenant and head over to Origae-6....oops! We mean this random mystery planet that didn't show up on any of our scans! But hey, it's probably fine, right? Joining us for our colonization mission is Drew Dietsch, co-host of the GenreVision and Fin Flicks podcasts!

After kicking things off with a debate on who will work the hole and who will do the fingering, the trio dive into the long and convoluted history of how Prometheus led to Alien: Covenant. Why does it feel like two films? Why is the CGI so bad? Why can we not tell any of these characters apart? Why does the movie think we will feel bad about their deaths if their spouses do? We will try to answer these questions in what is admittedly a super-sized episode, but hey, at least it's pretty.

And if there's one thing that's certain, it's that Ridley Scott needs to shut the fuck up. 

In this week's game: Put an android in a horror movie!

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