Addams Family Values (1993) feat. nicksaysboo

Make sure you've got a Ballerina Barbie instead of a Malibu Barbie because we're going toe-to-toe with the delicate and graceful Debbie Jellinsky in Barry Sonnenfeld's superb sequel Addams Family Values (1993)! Joining us for the discussion is Nick of the nicksaysboo YouTube reaction channel!

After we briefly discuss the first film's production woes, we go into the many reasons how the sequel improves upon nearly every aspect of the already wonderful original film. This is, of course, mainly due to Christina Ricci's expanded role and the introduction of a delightfully unhinged performance from Joan Cusack.

Plus: political commentary, the joys of being privileged, reading the Addams's as a queer family unit, and what might be the best Thanksgiving play ever put on stage. Don't trust Sarah Miller, y'all.

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