Hoovering - Episode 179: Becky Excell

Welcome to HOOVERING, the podcast about eating. Host, Jessica Fostekew (Guilty Feminist, Motherland) has a frank conversation with an interesting person about gobbling; guzzling; nibbling; scoffing; devouring and wolfing all up… or if you will, hoovering.

This week I’m talking to the hugely successful ‘queen of gluten free baking’ (according to Nigella no less), Becky Excel. I got my bits on her last book and cooked myself her gluten free courgette and hallumi muffins for lunch and we zoomed between Essex and London and got deep about everything from anorexia through to me spilling a fresh hot coffee all over my tuppence - as is the way on this podcast really. 

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Honourable Mentions/ Links

Make you’re immediately that you’re following BECKY EXCEL on Instagram, it’s full of fit recipes. And you can preorder her new book HERE and get your hands instantly on her first book HERE. Delicious. Those muffins were genuinely, absolutely fucking delish. Don’t need gluten a muffin, turns out. So there. 

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The amazing charity for people with eating disorders BEAT

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