Hoovering - Episode 142: Chloe Petts

Welcome to HOOVERING, the podcast about eating. Host, Jessica Fostekew (Guilty Feminist, Motherland) has a frank conversation with an interesting person about gobbling; guzzling; nibbling; scoffing; devouring and wolfing all up… or if you will, hoovering.

This week I’m hoovering with an absolutely brilliant stand up called Chloe Petts. We get deep into so many things and fascinatingly, unbeknownst to me, she’s a mega fan of competitive eating and we end up having one of, arguably, the spiciest debates I’ve ever had on this podcast. It’s juicy and respectful and relflectful (not a word) and great. Enjoy please! 

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She’s also contributed to the amazing looking EDINBURGH UNLOCKED available from Penguin. 

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THIS IS THE RECIPE for the beautiful ginger egg fried rice that Chloe had rustled up. Phwoar. I’m trying that. 

From the mind of the majestic OTTOLENGHI whose new book FLAVOUR really does look a bit like a twat actually. 

Chloe also mentioned a snazzy restaurant in Kent called READS

We have a little pop at HUEL, standard. 

I mention ace comedian, author and former guest VIV GROSKOP

If you’ve never heard of LEGOLAND prepare yourself for a joyful time. 

She nods to fellow eating fan podcast OFF MENU

And last but not least her favourite beer at the moment is Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/hoovering.


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