Hoovering - Episode 207: Inel Tomlinson

Welcome to HOOVERING, the podcast about eating. Host, Jessica Fostekew (Guilty Feminist, Motherland) has a frank conversation with an interesting person about gobbling; guzzling; nibbling; scoffing; devouring and wolfing all up… or if you will, hoovering.

I’m hoovering in this episode with a lovely actor, comedian and voiceover artist Inel Tomlinson. We went for breakfast in town and he’s the funnest poppet who turns out has done some of the most adventurous eating I’ve ever heard about ever. 

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We also mentioned comedian and goat cook DANA ALEXANDER, the 90s kids game show FUN HOUSE and the never not exciting Kellogg’s breakfast cereal SELECTION BOX (real name: Variety Pack). Don’t @ me. 

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