World Aids Day Special: Remembering the AIDS crisis with Russel T Davies and Ruth Coker Burks

Today on Homo Sapiens we remember the men who were shamed and neglected during their final days living with AIDS. We also hear the personal stories of how groundbreaking medical advances in the 90's transformed the lives of people living with AIDS. Today, to mark World Aids Day, we hear 3 sets of memories of those who lived through the AIDS crisis. We hear from: Ruth Coker Burks, the inspirational activist who tended to AIDS victims and suffers when nobody else would; It’s A Sin creator Russel T Davies, who reveals his shyness surrounding gay sauna’s in the 80’s ultimately saved his life; and finally, we hear the story of New York couple Frank and Raphael, who share their experiences of living and embracing life with HIV.

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