Bonus Episode: The Normal Heart | Dino Fetscher

Extra extra! We’ve got a Culture Club bonus episode for you, listeners. The brilliant actor Dino Fetscher (who you may well recognise from pretty much anything that fellow Homo Sapiens alumni, Russell T Davies, has written) is in the house to tell us all about his role in the brilliant Larry Kramer play 'The Normal Heart’. It’s on at the National as we speak and you just gotta go see it - it’s about activism, compassion and love, all set against the backdrop of the AIDS pandemic. It’s a gut punch and completely uplifting too. This is a lovely chat that covers so much more than the play, cos well we just had a laugh. So click play now to find out who helped Dino to be true to himself, a v funny story of internet browsing history and why I seem to think Dino is recording a Christmas single… Chris x

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