154: Ruth Coker Burks | Part 1

Merry Christmas! Yesterday, December 1st,  marks the start of Christmas but also World Aids Day, so how do we merge such an important day with all the joy of Christmas? With a chat with Ruth Coker Burks, that’s how. Ruth nursed men dying of AIDS in 1980’s Arkansaw USA when even doctors wouldn’t go near them and their families had disowned them. She buried them on her family plot undercover of night because she knew these people needed dignity. Her patients survived 2 years longer than average because she gave them love. Today, we hear her incredible story, plus your emails about growing up gay in Wales, feeling the LGBTQ+ love if you’re bisexual, and we’re talking all about the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Chris x

Ruth's book 'All the Young Men' is published by Trapeze and you can buy it here!

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