145: Homo Sapiens Podcast x Alan Cumming’s Shelves Podcast

Hold on to your hats! This week's episode comes a little early for Homo Sapiens Listeners, but that’s cos it’s extra special. With a heavy heart we have to tell you that very soon the wonderful Alan will be leaving the Homo Sapiens nest and setting sail for podcast shores of his own with his new podcast Alan Cumming’s Shelves.

SO we thought, what better than for us to introduce you all to this brilliant new podcast with a special Homo Sapiens X Alan Cumming’s Shelves Crossover Episode! We hear all about Alan’s new podcast, have a right giggle about our time together on Homo Sapiens, tee up some Best Of’s coming your way, aaaand watch this space for more exciting news about future of Homo Sapiens.

This episode is split between our two feeds, so catch Part One on the Alan Cumming’s Shelves Feed, and Part Two is over here on Homo Sapiens!

📍LISTEN to Part 1 on Alan’s Shelves feed HERE- apple.co/3ugzwhA

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