139: k.d. lang | Part 1

The ⚡️icon ⚡️that is k.d. lang was on the first ever list of dream guests for this podcast and remarkably this week our dream came true. k.d. zooms in from Calgary to put the world to rights in a chat that covers the wild times of finding superstardom with Constant Craving, why k.d. lang shows were the original Tinder, a fascinating discussion about Butch, and a beautiful behind the scenes story about THAT Vanity Fair cover with Cindy Crawford. In a departure from our normal schedule, over the summer we have incredible interviews every week, with Homo Sapiens Extra back in your ears at the end of Summer. There are lots of treats in store. In the meantime you can get k.d.’s wonderful new album, 'makeover', it’s totally brilliant.

For the next few weeks we'll be all interviews with Homo Sapiens Extra returning next month - Chris & Alan x

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