“Perfect Storm”

Ash, Charlie and Rosa come together for a cathartic exorcism of the North London Derby. We dig deep to make sense of a day that felt off from the moment we took to the High Road, come to terms with the chasm that exists between Spurs and Arsenal right now and predict what happens from here. Does Antonio Conte survive the next few games? Why do Tottenham Hotspur keep finding themselves in these preposterous situations every 18 months? What are the group’s feelings towards a return for Mauricio Pochettino? And is there actually—as Rosa’s dad reassuringly offers—a far more positive and less hysterical outcome available if Spurs (and us fans) hold our nerve? We also look at Spurs Women’s own bracing defeat from the weekend and find some positives before sharing some lovely culture picks. It wasn’t the easiest episode of HG to record, but we felt better afterwards, and hope you do too. 

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