S3 Ep20 God's Plan

Can you make a plan and still be okay if it completely falls apart? Listen as the Gals explore Letting Go & Letting God. 


Happy Holidays. Jingle Bells. Beginning of December! 


1.27- So many places that we just don’t know and we just want to know all the time. Basis of human suffering. So we can make a plan and feel safe. 2020? Nope. No idea.


Most of us pretty much know this year that we just don’t know shit. Lockdown. Released to the wild. Able to travel, not able to travel? 


2.29- How do you make a plan when there’s nothing to base your plans on? KM. KK is finding so much freedom because she was tied to the structure of her plans. Now just making plans to be happy in the moment, RHRN (haha). 


3.25 Story has left the building. We’re all in the same boat, some of us are just going in circles. Row, Row… 


4.02- question is, since we’re so aware we don’t know what’s happening, can we make plans at all? Can we let go of them at the same time? 


4.49- KK is rowing gracefully down the stream but can she be okay if she hits the Titanic? 


5.32- Elusive scenario, KK would have been paralyzed by the unknowing 10 years ago. Even 5 years ago, would have been iffy. 


6.19. Now, become more relaxed in it all. Put too much pressure on the perfect plan. Mr. RHRN says he’ll be going to Bali before Christmas, but it’s always “this month” that he’s going. Plans for biz, life, love, kinda cool to make plans. 


7.39- KM would really want her family from England here for the holidays. 


8.41- Krishnamurti- sitting on a bench. “I don’t mind what happens.” In the midst of packing for a trip some years back. You know the kind of family trip… 


9.08- Freedom in the “so what.” Revelation moment- KM changed. Stopped being a crazy maniac attached to how the family trip should have happened. 


10.13- KK- minded in the moment about RHRN leaving before holidays. Made it mean something else. 10.41- Got rid of the story, take meaning off and ask, How is this going to serve me? 


11.42 Letting go of our small ego plan and letting the Universe show up. Doesn’t always mean it will work out the way we think. 1


2.27- Wouldn’t have found the release if she gripped onto the small ego plan- the anniversary, holidays, etc. 


13.18- Can create whatever you want on any day and make it special, it’s the intention behind it. 1


4.41- KK “Old Me” would have tried to control, control, control it. Putting the meaning on the holiday dates was just another way of setting herself up for disaster. 


16.41- Deep, beautiful connections in simplicity. Look at how we think we know what’s good for us and look and see what happens.  


17.25- Dirty energy vs clean energy. Wedding- not just an opportunity to get laid. Okay to be disappointed, we’re human. Okay to have been attached. Hard to learn to be unattached to the outcome. Perfect time for KK to have time with kids without Mr. RHRN. KK pattern is to contract, withholding. 3 years ago she probably wouldn’t have recovered, now just a couple days. 


20.- ORiginally felt as if she had to give up something in order for her to get what she needed. Love is patient, not possessive. Devotion to wanting another person to be happy. Hard when we are in our ego/survival pattern, lose our ability to be flexible. 


21.02- 2020 be clear in what you want to be doing. 


21.16- Spirit’s in charge of the how. When you pay attention to the flow of love, life organizes around this. 


21.48- “bloated nothingness” out of the way and let our Spirit lead, we’ll get much more of what we want. 


22.30- taking a deep look at how she’s making decisions in all these different structures in her life. When those structures started crumbling, sigh of relief, permission to make decisions only for what she deeply, deeply desired. Self-honoring. 


23.43-Present to what we’re choosing- must be here for ourselves, martyr complex. Need to love ourselves and our neighbors. Make sure your cup is full, bring the same love out to someone else. 


24.44- Only way is to be in presence. 


25.31- more whole, more fully-embodied. 


26.37 You know it was the best thing because that’s what happened. Only way the Universe works is that what happens is what is meant to happen. 


27.48- trying to make plans and waiting for all these knowings, which were uncertain at best. Over the last month, deprogramming of her mind for the judgments of those decisions. So that she could make decisions not from the old stories/patterns, was able to get ahead of the decisions. Made steps she wanted. 


29.12- God’s plan unfolds from there. 


29.35- Sufi prayer “in shala” /God-willing everything was encased in this. Even “see you tomorrow.” 


30.26- Make plans you need to make “in shala.” Whatever it is, it will be okay. 


31.10- who wants that kind of fucking responsibility! 


31.32- God willing! Forcing our will to make things work. As if we know the grand plan. 


32.41- So much more fun to be light, in the flow, and surrender to God’s plan. Instead of have to, have to, have to. 


33.51- Instead of looking at things as failures or mistakes or shouldas. Even the things that aren’t working out are still working out and then have fun! 


34.16 Make this plan and hold on loosely, don’t grab a hold and force it into being. If it doesn’t want to come in, let go. Sometimes it’s ripped out of our hands. 


34.43- Number one way to not get what you want in life, truly/deeply want, is to hold on to what you think you should have as hard as you can until it almost kills you. 


35.56- Get creative, wonder, ask others for insight. Such a place of play and joy in not having to own everything you think you have to own. 


36.51- Make a fun plan. Set your intention to bring passion, creativity into your life. Make the plan with God. Joy, love, beauty, hope, not without challenges but still full of those things. 


38.01- What if you’re outside of the ability to make a choice? Viktor Frankl- Jewish man in a concentration camp- made a choice, no matter where he was to participate with love, the highest level of who he could be and how it would affect his experience. Survived it as someone who brought value and care. “Man’s Search for Meaning.” 


40.11- Sometimes you get stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in, so how do you sit with that. Things always pass. 



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