Ep32: The Invisible Feminine Rerun

In episode 32, The gals discuss the disappearance of feminine energy in many partnerships and how divorce rates have soared to nearly 70%. The Gals are stepping out on a limb here and boldly suggesting that the divorce rate is due to the absence of the feminine.

Katherine suggests that because everyone is working (even stay at home mom’s have long lists of work to do), no one is holding the feminine energy in partnership anymore. Due to that, relationships have become a battle for resources, (time and money) and power between two masculine energies. While we fight, who is holding the spacious, energetic, patient and kind power of the feminine?

For those who are in the more masculine role in a working or stay at home arrangement, wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work welcomed by a joyful, dancing naked in the kitchen type of person rather than the cranky, bitch-ass, sweats wearing, mope? As both partners learn to honor the self-care needs and practices of the feminine, everyone can start living the life they’ve dreamed of! This is a good thing, right? So why does Krista joke that “We are all fucked?” Listen and find out.

Does the absence of the feminine sound like a joke or, as the gals ask, is it possibly THE First World Problem we are facing today?

As usual, Katherine and Krista are looking for the ultimate holy fuck! Listen as they dive into the mystery of “Where is the Invisible Feminine?” and wonder where the entry point is. The Gals decide not to beat around the bush… but perhaps, truer to themselves in their feminine energy, tickling around the bush is where this energy lies…