S3 Ep16 Who's Swipin' Your Happiness?

Who you lettin’ swipe your happy? Listen as the gals flirt around with this one!

Where does our Happy come from? Get silly.

KK- when everyone loves me, validates me, tells me I’m a good girl...but for a fleeting second and it needs to be said again & again. 1.48 It’s a trap in the crap.

2.03 Moments of happiness and people want to swipe it, don’t want you to be happy. 2.33 Often happy people piss people off. 2.57. Shh. it’s a secret with Mr. Delicious, don’t tell him! KM woke up one morning chirpy but Mr. Delicious woke up not that way.

4.20- People tune out, should tune in. Does other people’s comments on your happiness make you unhappy? 4.48 People don’t believe it. Have to be processing all the time. As SP, we’re telling you, you can choose happiness.

5.17- Actually Joy, bubbling up with an infectious feeling of loving your life. It’s a choice. 5.55 So many excuses to NOT be happy right now but we don’t have to feel heavy. 6.46 Who’s feeling the love these days? Not just Love of the Heart- Abundance, Joy, Passion, Gratitude. 8.06- KK has been looking back at family upbringing and realized the idea of Happiness isn’t a prevalent one. She feels pulled back from Happy when she gets close to it. 8.55 People around her aren’t necessarily on board. 9.16- Little cracks, seeping in, starts to believe others. 9.43- Are we allowed to NOT sacrifice our lives and go for what we want? Are we allowed to be happy when others aren’t?

10.34- wanting support in happiness from ex, family, kids and if she had all that there would be a big healing. 12.23- not that it’s needed, KK just wants it. She’s still going to show up how she shows up, in joy.

13.04 Can we be happy in spite of all the things. Do you compartmentalize your happy?

14- How do you flirt with it, work with it? First thought- shut them out, cut them out. As a way of protecting the Dream. 15.36 Something so incredibly precious and beautiful in experiencing shared joy. 16.03- Lift your vision- you already have a circle of guides/angels, spiritual beings who are always on your team. 16.43- Let her earth family have their own experience. 17.29- we learn alot from the people who don’t support us.

18.20- Let’s just talk about the decision KK needs to make! Feeling called to move to Bali, exciting opportunities, Mr. RHRN will be there, amazing community. 19.10- Massive life change could happen, led by heart & joy, could be unlike any other thing she’s ever done in her life but was getting pushback, pullback. Kids are great & supportive.

21.04 How do we stay in our loving and happy place when the shit is hitting the fan and splattering the walls. Can we accept who they are while we’re accepting where they are?

22.55 choices come from fear or from love. Challenge KM all day long, she doesn’t care.

25.14 KM to KK what a huge opportunity for learning you’ve gifted yourself!

26.28- there’s a middle ground- not about hiding our secrets but about holding something and nurturing it til we’re secure enough inside us and with our community.

27.27- “Don’t harsh my mellow” KM saying from the 70s. 28.43- can we let go of them from a place of seeing them as whole, seeing them as purely accepting who they are in their truth and it doesn’t have to change anything for you. then go out and find people who support us.

29.11- Mr. RHRN is always supporting her and tells her to go for it. 31.23- Well behaved women rarely make history or never make history. KK moving is somehow deemed as she’s not behaving. 32.40- safer when we follow the rules. But not interested in following the rules, interested in being happy. `34.06- cannot let other people define our happiness. What blows our skirt up? What makes us feel like “wow, what was that” and then going for it.

37.23 when we do something to appease someone with an agenda, we destroy our happiness. How often have we catered to someone else, made sacrifices at the expense of our own happiness? 38.44 We never really know what’s at play, what Spirit has in store, just have to follow the thread of happiness. Sometimes you have to cut the thread if others aren’t on it with you. 39.59 Flip side- how are we trying to swipe someone else’s happy? Pull someone down, keep someone small, not support somebody because they’re afraid of the outcome.

40.53- David Whyte- the world was made to be free in. 41.20- we scare other people and it’s okay. We can acknowledge others’ fears and still do what we were going to do. 42.01- all that matters is how committed we are to our own happiness. 42.33 2 ways to look at the decision- destroy relationship with everyone around KK or it’s going to make it even more rich.

43.56- Classic 1st chakra stuff- presented w/ beliefs systems of history/past/heredity. Most elevated way to be in your 1st chakra is to chose the ones that work and chose the ones that don’t. Move on and love everyone in the process.

45.03- KK doesn’t have the answers, turns to Spirit everyday to be aligned.



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