S3 Ep15 Get Off

Are you tired of the merry-go-round of working on your relationship? Listen as the Two Gals explore when you decide to Get Off!

.51- KK has two words for us. What are they? Surprise Topic Episode. KM’s down for it, even if she squirmed in her pants. What kind of a surprise?

1.32- working vs. healing in your relationship or KM’s version working on your relationship vs. healing in your partnership. But that’s more than two words. KM is trying to Get Off… the MGR. (Turn me right round baby, right round)

2.34 vs. puts the idea of againstness, not really what they’re going for as spiritual psychologists. Building on the work in the relationship so they can heal. 3.08- anyone out there goes around the MGR of the same issues again and again. Dizziness, puking, churns up that 3rd Chakra. KK-last 2 relationships were really WORK. But she put her head down, bc they’re here teachers, etc. What kind of work was she really doing? What playground equipment was she working with? Usually likes stick ball but not while she’s on the MGR. Visuals galore!

5.07- MGR of working on your relationship is nothing gets resolved. 5.32. Idea is to Get Off the ‘work” and into the healing, comes from adding in the ability to widen the scope of possibilities.

6.23- exhaustion of being a good person, working on the relationship, not wanting to give up/get rid of, taking responsibility. It’s endless. 6.51- flying off (affair) and getting off (spiritual experience). 7.24- trying hard to keep it all together, continue to work, give up OR get off by taking steps.

How many times do the Two Gals get off in this episode?

8.37- Get off by deciding to do something different. Circling the toilet bowl or flushing problems down the toilet, just brings those issues into your next relationship because we're still on the MGR.

9.15- what happens when you feel as if you’ve done the spiritual “work” and applied healing to it? Answer? KM You have to get off together! 9.52- KK did the work for her own healing and Spirit said to step away.

10.33 When we go from the MGR to accessing spiritual healing, everything changes. We can relate to each other. We drop our ego defenses. 11.13- KM feels like she and Mr. Delicious Got Off together a lot but then they’d get back on, sometimes solo.

11.53- MGR meaning when you’re trying to blame your partner and instead begin looking at our part, our history, trying to own it, work through your own stuff. 12.24- getting shoved off/jumping off the MGR hurts, it’s painful. But if you make the choice, you have the whole playground at your fingertips.

13.04- Mr. D & KM noticed he had a flight pattern, to jump off and leave the playground. Leaving KM to go round and round and up and down on her own. KM would eventually get off and do her own work and they’d come back to center. 14.03- spiritual approach, stepping beyond psych solution of bargaining or solving the problem, brought them to love and remembrance, true release. Psychological approach- sort of like beating each other up because we go back to the patterns, thinking it’s the other, making it harder to come back together. 15.49- Letting trauma run the show, the system looks at us as broken. Psychologically, it’s ego.

16.34- ACIM- concept of not looking at the problem, that’s ego. Playing to our small self- wounded. What if we stopped looking for the wounds? What if we started looking for the best/highest self. Instead we look at issues from a higher plane of love.

19.13- Spiritual approach starts with, “I know the person sitting in front of me has everything they need to solve this problem, they’re whole and they have their own spiritual connection that is whole. I don’t have to fix anything.” This is the playground of healing.

19.59- are we programmed to be bored with that approach? The falsehood of the trauma drama of the ego creates passion, excitement.

21.03- Hold the phone, there’s something better! Money back guarantee- Healing from the spiritual realm is way more satisfying, sexier, provocative, possible, and miraculous.

22.40- MGR back and forth of ego drama. Now, KK is making plans for the future. Not spending hours talking about drama.

24.02- KM book Power Coupling- couples bring ego power to the convo, can be repulsive/repelling. What we want to look at is how to be together in communion by sourcing Spirit.

25.04- only reality in Fear is anxiety, depression, overwhelm, protection, safety, survival, survival. Change the context from Ego-Fear-Survival to Love. Don’t look at the surface, we see the loving essence/Divinity. Look past what you’re looking at with your ego. 26.26- tapping into 6th chakra- intuition, third eye. Spiritual healing transforms relationship to partnership. Heal wounds together.

29.14- What out- we’re going Deeper, Deeper. Into the Spiritual. Problems aren’t created in our lifetime- in our lineage, ancestry, dna. In our brain. Not going to get away from reactions but it’s how we come to them.

32.11- the stories we create are around our wounds, it’s our stuff that we go into relationships with. It’s not the other’s story. 32.42- what if your partner doesn’t have that spiritual ability/connection. Mr. RHRN doesn’t talk in this kind of lingo. So if your partner isn’t “spiritual” you can still do the healing work. 33.41- The essence you bring will be healing, you show up and hold the deep container, allowing your partner to show up the same way. Even if your partner slips out of it, they can slide back in.

34.18- KM: we all have spiritual partners, we just don’t always know we’re being consciously spiritual. We are all born with this innate ability. 34.52- open a space to look at your partner with innocence & vulnerability, being one and together.

36.37- when we tap into this, we can soften into the sweetness of someone’s divine essence.

40.15- If someone’s “working” on their relationship, is it a MUST that they move it into the healing? Do they have to go into the healing work? OR is it okay to draw the boundary and I’m done with this relationship? Yes, both are okay when it’s the best protection for you. For KK, that was Rico Suave. Just wasn’t safe to go to the next healing level.



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