S3 Ep14 Bringing God to Work

Should you give a HF about your business? Listen as the Gals explore bringing God to work.

Keepin it calm (or are they), not earth shaking, but how about some bed shaking with Mr. Delicious?

1.33- amazing exp of bringing God/Spirit/prayer to work with us. “Bring God to Work Day!” Confident about bringing God to our relationships but not really inc our spiritual life into our work, to get fabulous results.

2.25- All about Love & sex but what about business? Both gals upleveling business right now and need new capacity there.

3.17- KK had to take a look at what was staring her down. For her launch, Draw upon skills, faith, deep connection w/ God to get through challenging moments in biz. KM - for her it’s how she’s interacting w/ people in biz, spiritual principles have to be impeccable. Ego cannot take a front seat. Draw on compassion and kindness.

4.50- CSO- Chief Spiritual Officer (integrity & culture of the company is dependent on KM) in a new company that’s developing. CAme to KM in meditation, just like HFP did, 5 years ago. Now she has the momentum and decided to go for it!

5.56- Rev. M Beckwith- “You have to grow into something, or else you’d already have it.”

6.22- 3-4 months she’s been working on a project and really had to draw on faith, presence & deepest aspects of her highest self into her so that she can hold space for the company as CSO. Taking what she does in client sessions but bringing it into the culture of the company.

7.03- KK did a talk at a chamber of commerce; saged the room, invoked Spirit & called in the light, taking them on a powerful business journey w/ Spirit. Everyone really dropped into it. Really powerful experience. Walking into this old school business environment, “Father, Mother, God…” 8.31- Just by bringing God into the environment changed the entire meeting, people reacted differently with one another, like a portal opened up. 8.44- KM does similar things as CSO. Have to remind ourselves that there is no such thing as time and space, we’re all in the same room together (even if on a Zoom/web call).

9.43- essentially in a boardroom to call in calming space, looks for fear in the room, draws on infinite tendrils of her highest self- manage others egos, sometimes her own, other’s fear.

10.46- Madame Equanimity- gets to look at what’s going on underneath. Kinda like pulling out the weeds to keep the vision of the company clear.

11.50- working with people in a way that allows them to work through their patterns & habits in a way that supports their growth.

12.51- Actually much easier than the adages: “Push through your fear! Smash through it! Do it anyway! Overcome…” They just want to be of service in their lives/biz. 13.13- when you call in this essence, it connects you to any being/anyone else in that same mind frame, something more than yourself.

14.10- KK power for her recent launch came from her tools, a clean container (limiting self beliefs, hurts, patterns, habits), which her mentor said is really special. Had tools to move through the crunchy bits & crash through her glass ceiling. 15.24-These tools are so powerful in a biz sense, and can change the culture of biz.

16.33- If the biz owner has an abundant mindset, how would that impact bonuses, income, growth. How would it look if a biz owner worked through blocks around money?

17.11- KM holds space to help staff see their power, where they are getting slowed down, and what works one week may not work the next. Great practice in non-attachment. 17.40- Actually has no control- mirroring what the two gals have been working on in their partnerships. Next Level… Business 18.25- Same patterns in your relationships will follow you into the boardroom. Pulling off layers, exposing wounds,

Expansive compassion in a business setting now that they’ve matured and grown into the ability to hold for themselves, partnerships, where they’re manipulating, to just notice their reactions.

20.07- Breathe, wait, listen for heart rate to slow, before reacting. Everyone needs these tools if they’re wanting to respond favorably in their workspace. 21.32- what we need as humans to heal is to be vulnerable, which is the opposite of what we’ve learned to bring into a business.

21.56- Skills we can practice but until we do the deep spiritual work, you won’t get the full benefit. 22.19- find someone who can help you see where the block is, what scares you, what are your patterns.

23.03- Beauty of healing work is a deep settling into our common beingness as humans- healing works on both sides. The person in the boardroom was healed but KM feels like she also did too.

24.30- Race for the victim position- as Katie Hendricks calls it. 24.40-KK- feels like KM is being very humble and not acknowledging her own growth and work over the last 15 years which was the catalyst to open the healing portal. Nothing more satisfying than loving someone in a way that they feel cared for and seen. 25.20- in a biz setting, trial by fire bc of what we think we “should” be like in business. 25.37- High jump metaphor-victorious feeling of sailing over the top- higher bar than KM has ever been to and healing is THAT much deeper. Spirit said “Go Deeper.”

26.55- KK: Can we all be brave enough to bring Love into biz? Marianne Williamson- mentor of KM’s; should we use the word “God?” Always playing with it, not up to playing small. TCIM spiritual basis/book/bible- “it’s all about what you want to talk about & the environment you’re in. just be sure you’re doing it for yourself because God has no ego about what name you call it.” Not going to have fire & brimstone rain down on you or have God smite you, still part of her brain in paradigm that God is a being in heaven. Blasphemy!

31.36- KK- noticed clients' use of Spirit/God/Universe is indicative of where one is on their journey, a different level of opening up to acceptance. KM- “God” is the most personal conversation, those middle of the night moments- the dark night of the ego, Robert Holden. Has a warmth about it for her, a different level of care/nurturing.

34.48- KM; being a Minister and navigating feelings around spirituality, what word to use (Goddess/She/It/Spirit/Universe…) is what set her up to be a CSO. 35.14- Most amazing thing about bringing God to work is the freedom to know who you are and that every other person is of that same essence. Every moment is created by God, so it can’t be wrong. 36.19- KK- it’s not my creation, it’s God’s creation. Things come through us, when we are in the presence of God, and it’s full of love. 37.51- KK (in writing her poetry book) realized what happens when we truly let God work through us, not that “I” created it. 38.10- we have within us a microcosm of the God/Universe/Spirit. You are not the wave, you are the ocean. Letting go of the physical body, can tap into the energy of people around you. 39.34- Realization that we are not in control, releases the fear and anxiety of controlling the “right” thing. Now imagine that brought into your business.

40.20- Burnout- can happen at any age- responsibility that we need to do everything, give more than we have to give, martyr, please, give, give, eventually you get something back. Instead of beautiful dance of divine masculine/feminine which never depletes us.

41.22- M. Williamson- Don’t forget that time responds to you. If you’re calling your days “busy” or “overwhelmed” take charge, bless your day, ask for openness and space.

45.02- what does it really mean to bring God to work? Before you get there, you prepare- pray/meditate, you become the ocean, you walk in as that beingness, and take it from that place and everything you do has magical/miraculous quality. Consistently. Inspiring yourself. Can sound woo-woo but asking for the divine intelligence to come out (of my thighs in the bedroom or the boardroom).

47.47- if you find you’re not capable of doing this on your own, the Two Gals are here in support of your journey. Reach out.



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