S3 Ep12 Boyfriend Sex: Hot or Not?

Who’s been waiting on pins and needles to see how Krista is doing after last week’s episode?

2:03- did healing work beforehand to tell Mr. RHRN she was upset. If he could have only heard how really upset she was. As predicted, he was shocked at how she felt. Brings back of knowing our feelings and reactions are the mental stories in our head.

3:04- Kat- one of the basic tenets of partnership is that you see your partner as innocent, when things go crazy in your head. KK… rrriigghhtt. (insert snarky tone here).

4:28- 1st time they were apart and he came back with softened energy, realized deeper feelings, he’s deepening towards her but she hasn’t caught up to that belief yet.

5:53- KK, belief that you have to Get your kicks somewhere else when you’ve been with someone for a long time. But RHRN feels the opposite.

6:27- need some space to miss your partner. Coming back together is delicious, creates excitement and juiciness. But it’s what KK is most afraid of. Maybe he can move to another country for a month or two and not fall on the floor. MAYBE.

7:41-important component is trust. 8.09- trigger for KK bc of where they started out.

9:07- trusting vs. trustworthy. Have to earn trust. Maybe this is what creates the delicious, juicy bf sex. 10:26- RHRN, would say how he loved gf sex and it felt counterintuitive to his wanting an open relationship. He says it gets better with time. Like a fine wine. KK finally has dropped into believing him. 11.18- KK starts out the gate with an open heart RHRN is more guarded, mulling it over and slowly opens his heart. KK Nowhere left to go but down.

12.40- new exciting & wonderful . Something about a Minivan and New years? What’s that about?

13.24- KM feels safer and more loving with bf sex. How do you keep it more juicy AND more loving. Everything to do with being able to trust your partner. Biggest problems with Mr. Delicious and KM, have revolved around trust. 14.41- one day in Hawaii, really connected and amazing sex, until trust broke and then there was Trouble in Paradise- listen to it all episode in archives!

15.15- boils down to not trusting ourselves. If KK doesn’t believe BF sex can get better, gets boring. But is she creating it and then it IS boring and she starts looking elsewhere to do all the things she’s fearful that Mr. RHRN would do.

16.46- “Oh, he’s gonna get bored with me.” Immediate projection, the indicator of KK’s patterns.

17.18- Diff for KM- not sure sex gets boring but same issues around trust. When trouble happened, trusting and ability to stand up for herself went away. So she holds back could lead to boring sex.

18.50 KK needs to open to the possibility to have experience she (thinks) she wants but part of her that believes it can’t be true. Growth. Exploration. Juicy Sex. Little voice saying, “I don’t believe it.” Fine line of trusting our trustworthy intuition vs being open to trusting.

20.18- Juicy Sex= feel cared for. Relaxed. Express ourselves fully. Be deliciously entertained and entertaining.

21.27- KK needs to get to the “Can It Last” phase. KM- Who’s responsibility is “lasting” anyways? “They” have to keep making it hot + juicy.

Big pause-

22.29-What if it’s about building and growing the trust? Be in the world with this person, travel, nurture through not-so-fun things. 23.37- as RHRN revealed his feelings, slowly awakening, and KK could feel him + dropped into a new level of trusting what he was saying.

24.26- let go of expectation of it looking our/a certain way. More space to grow into. 24.57- KM and Mr. D finds it’s up to him to express his feelings and be ready to choose, not her dragging/forcing/manipulating.

25.59- Did the Gals find the Key to Juiciness?

26.19- Two Gals big proponents of opening their hearts and freedom. Big on working through blocks, old stories, limiting beliefs and thought patterns. This all helps US more than it helps THEM.

27.36- we put conditionings on what the form looks like when the love/care/thoughtfulness comes to us.

28.39- the back & forth, the in & out, the flowing, the growing. Wait are we talking about sex again - play the edge of our trusting & depth of intimacy. 29.02- can go to all kinds of places, admit everything, show everything.

29.53- KK is noticing a part inside of her starting to awaken. Opening up & finding her voice in the world. You’ll have to listen to find out which part!

30.57- KK past relationships where it wasn’t okay for her to have a voice, vocalize, communicate. 32.32- releasing control, becoming vulnerable, feeling safe enough, and both partners need to be trusting and trustworthy.

33.01- You’re definitely going to want to ride this one all the way to the end as the Two Gals talk about chakras, kundalini, tantra, animal energy, pounding it out, poking holes, and (of course) SEX! 34.12- fully awakening our entire energetic system, our connection to the Divine again.

35.19- heart, vulnerability, intuition, compassion

35.52- Girls get to the bottom of the issue.

39.53- invested in keeping it juicy, squeezing the juice, tickling the taint, and not repeating patterns.

Listen as the gals explore what it takes to keep things juicy!



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