Special Edition: Naked Athena

:47 Disarm a military invasion of Portland

1:27 Naked Athena legs splayed open

1:40 look who she is being… full of light, calm and centered

2:00 fully embodied feminine and divine masculine taking action in alignment with her wholeness

3:02 embodied grace… apparition… full of light

3:37 being peace being love

4:04 simplicity of her presence powerful change

4:52 combined action of the divine masculine and feminine

5:30 Athena not a Goddess of War but in the Truest for a bringer of Peace

6:09 Military walked away nothing to do.

6:36 Healed feminine and a wounded feminine discussion Krista

7:32 Grace and Balance she didn’t fight she was healed in a loving space

8:15 Our bodies are no our life. Temple of her body was in touch with the eternal flame of her love. No protection. The Naked vulnerability of her subdued everyone.

9:40 She knew she is the light She is being fed from her intuition and guided in grace.
10:36 living her truth rather than being a spectacle.

11;30 Feet are bleeding. So uplifted she is the embodiment of the divine masculine and feminine form

1217 Modern Day Divine embodied feminine.

12:50 Action from the healed divine feminine and the healed masculine, you are one with the divine and it inhabits you.

14:45 Power of being connected to the divine if complete faith and trust.

15:50 What being peace does .. fill the streets with Silence… women

16:42 Julia Butterfly Hill, Lady Godiva, Rosa Parks action from the feminine Goddess the power love state, God filled state.

17:55 Local naked woman in Ojai Krista… she had no real agenda except to be a spectacle. No Power. Unhealed feminine. More rebellious, againstness, attention grabbing spectacle. Joke salacious

20:02 Athena respectful response. instinct of the masculine to protect … still he is playing the externalized masculine

22:56: extreme vulnerability and she is just holding space in her message of peace, nothing to do but soften. It was not that she was naked she was vulnerable in her nakedness.

24:40 masculine response is a good sign if they are moved to care for women

25:39 Beauty. She brought beauty into a dangerous dark situation. Watching a flower opening.

26:40 we are powerful and we are coming from Source. That is where her power Is coming from. Or we can come from

27:41 Angelic apparition in the form of this beautiful woman. And Katherine has had Men show up as angelic apparition

28:20 Angelic presence “come to earth” ground peace , love beauty, grace, honor, serenity, inspiring moments of reminder that there is a lot of power in silence

29:30 Open to hear the divine wisdom. We all have the capacity but are we doing the work?

30:22 Dance of infinity play and dance together ~ happens in side watch her… she is in the divine feminine and dance with the masculine.

32:25 MLK learning about peace in Selma, first march and second peaceful march. Kneeled and prayed .

33:29 Military response shift .. they were disarmed. The grace of that is that we all have this power. Cultivate, work it, and choose your path to power.

34:37 What would have happened if she was black?

35:20 Black woman stood next to her. This is beyond the body feminine coming forward and quietly walking away.

36:34 Brilliant Angel landed to show us that peace in possible.

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