S3 Ep1 Committed to Who?

4:16 Katherine sees herself as a Stradivarius violin.

5:00 Mr. Delicious is judging Katherine’s love of roses and diamonds which is an issue because it is the true essence of Katherine.

6:00 Katherine is seeking her maestro.

7:15 Katherine’s love of flowers and diamonds was not accepted by her family either.

8:40 When Katherine doesn’t feel honored she doesn’t feel loved.

9:35 Katherine requires things that Mr. Delicious doesn’t believe in.

10:00 Can he love her anyways?

10:50 Katherine doesn’t want to feel shame in wanting them.

11:14 If Mr. Delicious judges Katherine, her body can’t open

13:44 The part of Katherine that makes her, HER, wasn’t being accepted by Mr. Delicious

14:15 Mr. Delicious had begun the process of Endurance.

15:30 Katherine isn’t ok with just being accepted for who she is. She wants to be honored.

16:00 The Devil is in the details. Mr. Delicious fell in love with Katherine’s light and beauty but has now begun to find fault in the aspects of her that actually give her the light essence.

16:35 Krista discusses how she fell in love with Mr. Right Here Right Now because of his free spirit and youthful energy. But now how she is finding “fault” in some of his childlike traits that actually make him, HIM.

17:14 Mr. Right Here Right values Krista’s grounded-ness but this grounded-ness can also come off as stiff. The complete opposite of him.

18:00 If Mr. Right Here Right now curtails his freedom, it will be deadly to the relationship.

19:15 Mr. Right Here Right Now’s choice to live freely has nothing to do with Krista. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for her. It is him honoring himself and his needs.

19:42 By him maintaining his needs, he creates more respect from Krista

22:48 Can we honor the other person without sacrificing ourselves

25:00 The art of being present.

26:00 Krista found herself picking at Mr. Right Here Right Now’s personality. He called her out and asked if that was really what she was upset about.

26:50 Krista questions investing her time in this relationship

27:15 Krista realizes she wasn’t feeling “chosen” by him.

27:40 Krista didn’t feel safe and secure so the conversation with him was scary

28:00 Krista was trying to be the “cool” girlfriend instead of telling her true feelings.

29:15 We don’t know the future so how do we know what to commit to?

29:50 Katherine’s two commitments are number one to herself, and number two, to loving Mr. Delicious

30:27 What does “til death do us part” mean?

32:00 Mr. Right Here was afraid of hurting Krista and being turned into the bad guy for being exactly who he is.

33:00 Krista commits fully to loving Mr. Right Here Right Now until one of them needs to make another choice. If things change, the commitment is to not make him the bad guy and continue loving him. Not staying with him. But not hating him.

36:10 Love is being created from power, not victimhood.

38:40 Krista reflects on being present with the loving and reminding herself she is happy NOW. Does she have to give up that happiness just because their relationship changes?

40:00 Katherine remembers a revelation that Krista’s ex-husband had that showed his commitment to Endurance

41:20 His endurance created Krista’s endurance.

42:35 Do you feel safe to speak your needs to your partner?

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