S2 Ep23: My Penis Is A Dick

In this wild and woolly episode the gals go “behind the bedroom door” with Horatio and his partner, Rita, as he shares his story and “swinging” sexual lifestyle. 

The gals learn a thing or two as he opens up about his “openly monogamous" partnership with his wife and some of their experiences together.

Horatio shares his three rules of online dating having had a 101 drinks to meet his now wife!

In this constantly surprising conversation the gals poke and prod him to share more and more about what his actual lifestyle choices are, warnings for those who are pressuring partners to join them, and the 4 most important guidelines for enjoying this lifestyle and ... wait for it, how you can get involved too!

This episode will have you laughing, gasping and feeling your own sexual responsiveness, as the plot twists and turns, for your own personal enjoyment!💋