S2 Ep20: Intimate Partnership

Krista is interviewing a very special guest about her newest book “Intimate Partnership ~ The Essential Guide to Feeling Sexy, Connected, and Whole." The book actually launches tomorrow and is available for free on Amazon for TWO DAYS!!! Check it out! (don’t buy it with one click, just free)

Listen while this special guest is revealed!

As Krista reads her bio, see if you can guess who it is!

What is this book about? Intimate Partnership, of course.

This book is written as a love letter to women (and couples) who want to re-kindle the sexy and get the most out of their partnerships!

Packed with ideaS! And yes, practices, to take your intimacy with yourself (!) and your lovers to a new level!! This book talks about sex, love, romance, and intimacy, and how those vital components must be in your partnership to create the best connection and the most pleasure for both of you!

In this episode the Gals will be getting the down low on the secrets of hot and holy partnerships, diving in with playfulness, flexibility and somewhere a long the line, someone mentions … cellophane.

Once your sex life is firing on all cylinders, get ready to hear the biggest secrets of this book which the Gals and you, (if you are listening) are hearing about for the first time ever, today!

The book launches tomorrow! It is being featured at this event by the publisher, register for the event to get a free copy, link in bio. .💋