S2 Ep21: Cheater Cheater

When Katherine and Krista interview Sharon Pope all sorts of things come to light!

Sharon is a certified Master Life Coach and Seven-Time #1 International Best-Selling Author on love and relationships. She has been featured in many publications including the New York Times, and is most recently the author of Stay or Go: How to Find Confidence and Clarity, So You Can Fix Your Marriage, or Move Forward Without Regret!

Sharon has developed somewhat of a specialty as a non-judgmental coach who can hear her client’s stories of betrayal and cheating. Are they the same thing? What is really beneath the decision to “step out?” Listen as the gals relate their own experiences and those of others they know while Sharon sorts through lots of juicy questions and has some brilliant nuggets to give to all Holy Fuck listeners! Discover the role of intuition on the “cheating journey.”

Krista has some good pearls of wisdom that has Sharon taking notes as the conversation steers towards empowerment and speaking up for our needs.

The Gals conversation leads to questions of: What is an affair anyway? Does “just the tip” count? Is an affair the kiss of death? What is the juicy secret that is necessary for reconciliation?

With close to 50% of women and 60% of men admitting to what they call cheating, The Gals are thinking that many our audience will have some of these questions too!