S2 Ep19: At Play In The Throne Room

In episode 19, Krista might sound like a spoiled brat but if you listen long enough, an intelligent moment of maturity might be revealed…

What’s a girl to do when the King leaves the castle? Well, find a sexy Knight- that’s what! But will that cause trouble in the kingdom or tantra on the throne? As Krista remembers a powerful dream, she realizes her Inner Queen is taking a stand and is ready to claim her crown. But just as she does, her “King” leaves the castle. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she embraces the gallant knight who enters her chamber to please, entertain and fulfill her every desire. Should the High Court send them to the gallows, or will her King be benevolent and grateful that his Queen is being attended to in his absence?

Katherine unveils her theory of the courtly stages of relationship as the Gals weave a fairytale full of courtly archetypes with Krista sitting high on her barstool, looking for Knights and Jesters to fulfill some of her “needs” while her King is out conquering the world. On the other side of the countryside is Queen Katherine getting all her “manly” needs met with King Delicious and all her “queenly” needs met as she dreams of having handmaidens waiting on her hand and foot.

Speaking of Truth, whose truth are the Gals following? As they toss around the idea of stages of maturity and growth in relationship, the Gals take a closer look at what they need and reveal their own particular stages. If you listen to the end, you might just discover YOUR regal archetype!💋