S2 Ep18: Vacation in Paradise?

In episode 18 the Gals follow Katherine on vacation … she dutifully took Krista’s saucy book with her hoping that it would work its magic, but found something else needed to be attended to first.

As Katherine and Mr. Delicious got to the beautiful island of Kauai, what did the Goddess of Volcanic Fire have in store for them?

The Goddess Pele is reputed to have had a turbulent romantic relationship with her lover. Despite her power, he was able to transform her lava rock into fertile soil… What was the name of the restaurant where Mr. Delicious wined and dined Katherine on the last night of vacay? You guessed it! Lava Lava.

Pele definitely had her way as their dreams of a blissful sacred union were dashed. With some serious news from home and their own struggles tossing them like two ships moored together in a big storm, their romantic fantasies turned into hot, volcanic explosions- and not in the sexy way! Did they survive their Pele-like experience?

Listen to hear what happens when our two star crossed lovers get tossed out to sea, learn to ride the waves, and discover the life saving choice that brings them safely back together on the shores of the fertile ground of love.💋