S2 Ep17: Faking It

What is the “it” that you fake? Well, you will get to hear how Krista fakes it loud and clear! As the Gals explore relationships and partnerships they land in a very sticky place!

What is happening between Katherine and Mr. Delicious? When she wakes up on their 7th month anniversary in tears, she realizes that it’s time to dig deep. She knew that something was off. She knew that nothing felt quite right. But is she brave enough to speak about what is going on inside her little anxious being?

As Katherine wonders what is “wrong” with her and why she is feeling disconnected and unwilling to “spread the love” she wonders how on earth is she going to the tell the truth when she doesn’t understand the feelings she is having or where they are coming from?

We have all heard that the truth will set you free. Listen as the gals discover the scary moments of truth telling and how it all worked out for Katherine. Or did it?

Be Brave. Spread the love peeps.💋