S2 Ep16: The Queen Has Left The Hive

In episode 16, Krista exposes her dirty little secret.. Will she disappoint the listeners with her revelation? Or will she inspire them to a new level of authenticity?

As Katherine and Krista do a follow up to Krista’s online Bumble journey, she reveals the latest in her swipe right adventure! Has it been full of sexy, honey milk baths or has the sting of reality created trouble in the hive? The girls talk honestly about honesty and Krista exposes the ways in which she has been hiding the truth from the listeners. Is she a complete phony or is she protecting her loved ones?

The gals also giggle over Krista’s complicated relationship status as she comes to the conclusion that” it’s not all black and white!” Katherine on the other hand has a completely different set of “boxes”, ones with the intention of “locking it down.” But if locking it down means eternity, is she really ready? Listen to find out which box Katherine definitely won’t be checking (unless she moves to another state), and see why Krista is judging her unique relationship status (or should we say “statuses?”) This episode is definitely Buzzzzzworthy!💋