S2 Ep15: Blue Lips Sink Relationships

In episode 15, the gals say “hell no” to compromise as they talk romance, sacrifice, and the inevitable outcome of resentment. Many of us ladies (and men too) grew up learning to sacrifice our needs for the good of others. Why is it considered “nice” to sacrifice for others when all it does is hurt them (and for sure us!) in the end?

Katherine has a big ask for Mr. Delicious. Does he say yes to her request out of obligation or does he find a way to consciously provide for her needs and his? This is where *Power Coupling Katherine’s first book, starts to take hold. Her position (!), is that both partners can truly be empowered and in Love!

Krista on the other hand finds herself knowingly sacrificing her needs by justifying, justifying, justifying her sex life away! How long will she continue this tendency before the resentment sets in? OR is the resentment already there?

Listen to the gals of Holy Fuck as they uncover the damage that is done when we sacrifice even a tiny spec of ourselves for love. When we refuse to sacrifice, the sex gets hot and no one has blue lips (or blue balls anymore!)

* Katherine’s book Power Coupling; Coming Together When Things are Falling Apart available now Free as an eBook on her website! www.katherinemcclelland.com get yours today!)💋