S2 Ep14: A Name To Know

In this episode, The Gals take a serious look at rape and our culture of blaming the victim or looking the other way.

They dedicate this episode to Chanel Miller AKA Emily Doe, also known as the woman sexually assaulted while unconscious outside a Stanford party by Brock Travis 4 years ago. If you have or haven’t heard of this case, this young woman will break your heart with her story and we are here to support her and all women who have been hurt, harmed or endangered in anyway to stand in their voices and speak the truth.

Now in her mid 20’s, after 4 years of trauma and eventual healing, she has written a book. She has stepped out of the shadows of the anonymity that has surrounded her and is now proudly standing tall in the telling of her experience. Her book Know My Name was released September 24.

Katherine and Krista talk about how hard it is to speak up about deeply personal experiences with those who care for us, and notice the monumental amount of bravery it takes for a young woman who has been sexually assaulted to speak on her own behalf in the public eye.💋