S2 Ep4: The Dance of the Devil

In episode 4, the gals get jealous!! And can you blame them with all the hot men around and the gorgeous California girls right behind them?

As Katherine explores committed relationship, vulnerability sets in. The dance floor brings its own special magic when Mr. Delicious is tangoing across the room with one too many beauties.

What is really going on? Is it intuition that he is up to no good? Or is it a sign that Katherine has a green monster camping out on her shoulder making her anxious and unwilling to take her eyes off him?

This leaves Krista re-evaluating the source of her jealousy with Rico Suave and the lack of jealousy with Nurture Man. Is jealousy an indicator of her level of engagement with each relationship?

The Gals wonder …Do we get more vulnerable the more in love we are?…Or is it a sign that something is amiss and has not been addressed?

Tune in!💋