S2 Ep3: Dope Ass Mom Andrea Levoff

In episode 3, Katherine and Krista get to find out what a dope Ass mom is

with comedienne, blogger, influencer and sexy babe, Andrea Levoff. Andrea

discusses how her journey through school helped her find her true self and

step more fully into her unique passions. She also discusses motherhood as

a spiritual journey and shares how she uses morning pages, visualization

and the art of forgiveness to remain a Dope Ass Mom.

Andrea gives us lots of tips and tools as to how to move through fear and

manifest your dreams through taking inspired action! She even shares her

heartfelt dream as a way to put it out to the world and make it happen!

This courageous mom is definitely transforming her life in a spiritual,

sexy way! 

Did someone say truck nuts??? Listen while Andrea discusses her path from

momdom, rapper, comedienne, to influencer. You might even get to hear a

sample of “Ice Ice Baby!”