S2 Ep2: Purge The Nasty

Change continues with Krista having the opportunity to let go yet again, and with Katherine changing past patterns by embracing more commitment and intimacy.

Rico Suave reappears for what could be the demise of Golden Eyes and Mr. Nurture Man re-enters the picture proving to be a strong contender. Krista magnificently finds her way through a minefield of potential judgments and drama.

Katherine invites Krista to wonder where her definition of love comes from. Is Krista’s definition still supporting her or does it need an update?

As Katherine opens to more intimacy she is beginning to discover the power of “rising in love” vs. the old way of “falling and losing herself in love.” In this discussion, the gals explore the trajectory of attraction, love and intimacy and the many places we “fall into” our old belief systems hindering the real experience of loving. They also explore how to go forward with our new belief system supporting us.

Listen to find out where K and K find themselves on the path to the holy grail of sacred union (can you say holy fuck?) Are they finding it? Or not …💋